About Boomerang

East Park Community Shop


Boomerang is a busy community shop, based in the East Park Ward of Wolverhampton. Set up by the “East Park Management Group” (EPMG) to support and enable members within the East Park Community.

East Park Community Shop

For those who are not familiar with Boomerang; We are situated on Brooklands Parade in the heart of the East Park area of Wolverhampton.

Since first opening our doors in September 2013, The shop has operated as a not-for-profit community shop selling high quality goods (both used and unused goods and clothing). While providing you, as important and valued members of the community, with the option to purchase high quality clothing at really affordable prices; Boomerang uses the profits as a means for the community to generate its own funds to support community projects.


building community changing lives

Stepping into Boomerang and you will see our volunteers are eager to ‘muck in’ and to help the people who use the shop.

Although, we don’t have a magic wand; when it comes to looking after our community, we are a formidable bunch. We promise, as the shop integrates more into the East Park community, to do our best to use the additional funds created, to support the projects that you our community would desire to see it used most for.

Come give us a visit, whether you are here to clear a space in the wardrobe or to pick up a bargain, you will always be welcome.

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